Patricia Reed
Patricia A Reed Artist
Born into a creative family of artists, musicians, and chefs, the choices were mine to make. I soon discovered I had no ability as a musician and only limited ability as a chef, so I used the one left by my two Grandparents: painting.
I have discovered that I HAVE to paint. It is my life. When someone adds my work to their life, mine sings!
I began painting with my Grandmother when I was very little. At first it was always horses. My Grandfather would add a scene around my horses. I began painting in earnest after studying with three professionals: Veva Porter, Lida Giambastiani, and John Gregorich. I studied non-objective painting with Lida, printmaking and all the basic technical skills needed by a professional with Veva, and applied arts with John. They each shaped my skills, my eye, and my joy in creating a visual image.
After a hiatus for children and family I began painting for festivals and competitions. Then came another hiatus: 12 years in the restaurant business.
The experience in the food industry proved to be an inspiration when I finally returned to painting full time. I have food paintings in corporate dining rooms, restaurants, and private homes. Here are some of my corporations:
Hewlett-packard Intel PGE Kaiser Lockheed Martin Union Bank
Amgen Pharmaceuticals Union Bank Marriott Hotels GTE

Now in 2016 I have branched out into landscapes, seascapes still lifes, and Interior scenes.
My sincere wish is for you to make your masterpiece by filling your environment with art!
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Happy to do larger versions on commission. Price for that to be determined on an individual basis.